Nailah Shapewear was started in Norway in 2019. Nailah wants to market, distribute and sell waist belts, shape clothing and corsets with products for both the health sector and the underwear market. Nailah offers products for rehabilitation after surgery and other medical purposes and products for underwear and fashion. Our quality is unique and a product developed in close collaboration with both authorized healthcare professionals and designers.

Nailah has a strong focus on sustainability and justice in all stages of our production. Our workers at all levels have education, social rights and education. Therefore, we can proudly say that we are a company that puts environmental sustainability and quality first.

Our goal: To develop safe solid products for the health sector and for the underwear sector based on fashion and aesthetics, comfortable and functional underwear that will also look good. We only use safe production methods, pure raw materials and have a high focus on safety at all levels.